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Ceramic Coated Blue Mclaren



  • Is ceramic coating good for cars?
    Yes, ceramic coating is highly beneficial for cars. It offers excellent protection against various external elements, such as UV rays, oxidation, chemical stains, and minor scratches. Additionally, ceramic coatings provide a glossy finish, enhance the vehicle's appearance, and make it easier to clean and maintain.
  • Is there a downside to ceramic coating?
    While ceramic coating offers numerous benefits, there are a few potential downsides to consider. The application process requires careful preparation and can usually only be applied professionally.Products like Ceramic Pro ION and 9H are not suitable for consumer application.That is why our team of highly trained professionals are here to help.Ceramic coatings provide unparalleled protection and are far superior in protection, gloss and self-cleaning when compared to traditional waxes or sealants.
  • How long does ceramic coating last?
    The longevity of ceramic coating can vary depending on several factors, such as the quality of the product, the application process, and how well the vehicle is maintained. Generally, a typical professionally applied ceramic coating can last anywhere from two to five years. However, some of our packages offer a lifetime warranty that reflects the superiority of Ceramic Pro above the competition.
  • Can I do ceramic coating myself?
    While it is technically possible to apply a ceramic coating yourself, it is highly recommended to have it done by a professional. Proper surface preparation, application techniques, and the use of quality products are crucial for achieving optimal results. Professional applicators have the necessary expertise and equipment to ensure a flawless and durable ceramic coating.
  • What are the pro`s and con`s of ceramic coating on cars?
    The advantages of ceramic coating on cars include long-lasting protection, enhanced aesthetics, improved durability, and ease of maintenance. The downside is the initial cost, however, once applied, your ceramic coating will pay for itself by holding your cars value and reducing the frequency and exertion required to maintain your cars appearance.
  • Is ceramic coat better than wax?
    Yes, a CLTCH ceramic coating offers much better protection and longevity compared to traditional wax. While wax provides temporary protection and requires frequent reapplication, ceramic coating forms a stronger and more durable bond with the vehicle's surface meaning it only has to be applied once in the vehicles lifetime. A CLTCH Ceramic coating also offers enhanced resistance to UV rays, chemicals, and scratches.
  • Is it bad to wax over ceramic coating?
    It is not recommended to wax over a CLTCH ceramic coating. Your ceramic coating is designed to provide long-lasting protection, and wax will not adhere to the ceramic coating.
  • Is there anything better than a ceramic coating?
    Ceramic coatings are currently considered one of the most advanced forms of paint protection available. However, technological advancements continue to occur in the automotive industry. While there may be alternative or complementary products that offer similar benefits, ceramic coatings remain highly effective and popular for long-lasting protection and enhanced aesthetics.
  • Is car detailing the same as car cleaning?
    No, car detailing goes beyond basic car cleaning. While car cleaning typically involves a surface-level wash and cleaning of the exterior and interior, car detailing is a more comprehensive process. Our expert detailers meticulously clean, restore, and rejuvenate your vehicle, addressing imperfections, enhancing shine, protecting surfaces, and ensuring an overall pristine appearance inside and out. With the use of premium products from trusted brands, we deliver exceptional results that set us apart.
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